UltiStats 0.8x

by Alan Harder

  • Setup
    Choose the Options / Preferences menu item. There are 3 choices:
    1. Record every throw
      UltiStats has two basic modes: one mode records every pass made by your team, the other records only the result of each possession (ie goal or turnover).
    2. Autoselect last 7 in subs dialog
      When a point ends the subs dialog comes up so you can select the players in the next point. If this checkbox is selected then the dialog will appear with the same 7 players from the last point already checked. If this option is turned off then the dialog will come up with no players selected.
    3. Activate timer
      UltiStats can keep track of the time spent between points or during timeouts. By selecting this option you can enter time limits when you wish to hear warning beeps.
  • Basic Use
    First create your team:
    1. Click New in the Teams section (lower left of main screen).
    2. Enter a name for your team and tap Ok.
    3. Fill out the roster and tap Ok. (Cut/Copy/Paste are available in menu)
    Start the game:
    1. Select your team from the Teams section and tap Start Game.
    2. Enter a name for your opponent and tap Ok.
    3. Select your starting 7 players and tap Ok.
    4. Use the controls to track the progress of the game.
    End the game and see the stats:
    1. After you have entered the final goal tap the End Game button in the subs dialog.
    2. The stats screen will now appear and you can review the data.
    3. Tap Done to return to the UltiStats main screen. You may uncheck the Save in DB checkbox if you would like to throw away all this data.
  • Tips
    Main screen:
    1. View All Stats menu item starts with the first item in the Games list and then combines it will every other game in the list with the exact same roster (so try to get your roster correct before a tournament begins.. if you change your roster later then this option won't combine the stats for all games).
    2. Reset subs counters menu item resets the global playing-time counters. In the subs dialog shown at right each player has three items: The first is the number of points played / total number of points in the current game. The second is the total points played over the total points.. this menu item resets these counters. Note that these counters do not check the names on the roster, so if you change your roster or record a game with a different team altogether then this middle column can show inaccurate data. (The third item in the subs dialog is the number of consecutive points each player has been in or out of the game).
    3. View Stats button in Games section. Select a game in the Games list and tap this button to review the stats summary for that game.
    4. View Plays button in Games section. Select a game in the Games list and tap this button to view the play-by-play account of that game.
    5. Delete button in Games section. Select a game in the Games list and tap this button to delete the data for that game.
    6. New button in the Teams section. Tap this button to create a new team roster. If you select an existing team in the list prior to tapping New then the dialog will present a checkbox allowing you to copy the selected team into the newly created team.
    7. Edit, Edit Name and Delete in the Teams section are self explanatory.
    Subs dialog:
    1. The 0 button in the lower left unselects all players.
    2. The <> button toggles which half of the roster is being viewed.
    3. To the right of these buttons the current score is displyed.
    4. When the subs dialog first appears between points the End Game button is visible. Once you begin to select players this is replaced with a label telling you how many players are currently selected (you can't click Ok until this number is seven). If you want to make the End Game button reappear simple unselect all players (or tap the 0 button).
    5. The Ok button confirms your selections and proceeds with the game.
    Stats screen.
    The basic procedure to follow is this:
    1. Select the type of action in the upper left.
    2. Select any applicable modifiers in the lower left.
    3. Select the player who performed the action on the right (or simply tap the big Ok button if present).
    (It's easy to forget step 2)
    Note that "Goal by" is the thrower. After you tap the player that threw the goal the label above the player buttons will change to "Receiver".. then you can tap of the player that caught the goal.
  • Description of stats data
    Pts played: Number of points played. Half a point for players who subbed in or subbed out for an injury.
    % on D or O: % of points played where your team was receiving the pull (on O) or throwing the pull (on D).
    Completion %: Percent of attempted passes that were complete. Note that this stat is only meaningful when the Record every throw mode is in effect. Otherwise this value is just counts of goals thrown versus throwaways..
    Efficiency: This statistic measures how often the team scores when each player is on the field, regardless of whether they threw or caught the goal. O is efficiency when your team received the pull, D is efficiency when your team pulled, and C is the overall (combined) value.
  • Getting data to your PC
    Both the View Stats and View Plays screens have an Export to Memopad menu option. This will copy the data into a memo (Unfiled category) which you can then hotsync back to your PC.