Mindless Pilot Stuff

This page is full of stuff written by Alan Harder for the USRobotics/3Com/Palm Pilot thru Tungsten. Have fun!

Pilot Apps

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PalmOS 1.x version

DOCS SOURCE   zip  tar.gz User reviews on PalmGear.com Updated 24-Feb-2003
Full featured tip calculator.
  • Controls for tip and tax rate.
  • Optionally calculate and include tax.
  • Calculate tip on pre-tax or post-tax amount.
  • Calculate tip on pre-discount amount when a coupon is used.
  • Divide the total up among a group.
  • Round up or down the total, tip, or share per person.
       (after rounding the new tip percentage is shown)

    Included in the Palm Series Power Pack 1500 cdrom/book in Japan.

  • Food

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      User reviews on PalmGear.com Updated 16-May-2003
    Restaurant database. Store and search on food type, location, open/close time, rating and 4 user specified yes/no fields. Food types and locations are fully customizable. Put key information like phone/address in the main data window (4 lines of text) and optionally attach a note as well for more info (like take-out menus!). Sort restaurant list alphabetically, by type, location, or rating. Double tap a record to view it, or hit the random button to view a random record.
    Desktop editing tools now available for windoze!!
    (Desktop editor for unix included with SyncFood, see below)

    Food makes headlines on Suite101.com -     Article #1     Article #2





    DOCS   0.87docs SOURCE on SourceForge.net Updated 25-Sep-2003
    Customized statistics program for Ultimate (frisbee).
    The UltiStats project began in March, 1998 and the program made its tournament debut at Potlatch in Seattle, WA in July of the same year. Today UltiStats is used by teams around the globe.

    Version 0.87 (April, 2001) was the last release in the 0.x series; versions based on the original event model defined back in '98. Version 1.0 is a complete redesign (but reuses a lot of code) and incorporates a number of new features, such as: Recording stats for both teams, defense types, calls(foul,etc) and even customizable events. Beta5 (August, 2001) was the first fully usable 1.0 release. Beta7 (July, 2002) and Beta8 (Sept, 2003) are "nearly complete".



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      User review on FreewarePalm.com Updated 11-Sep-2003
    This program rolls dice but makes rerolling the same numbers less likely, in a configurable way. Supports 1-4 dice with 4,6,8,10,12, or 20 sides each (or 1-3 with 100 sides). After each roll the chance of rerolling that number is decreased for a specified number of rolls. Tap the (i)nfo icon on the options screen for more details.
    While it could be used for most any game that uses dice, Loaded Dice was written for use with The Settlers of Catan to help spread out the resource production a bit.
    PilotManager Conduits     PilotManager is a synchronization package for unix users.
    Memo pad synchronizer. Updated 4-Jan-2000
    v0.96 BETA
    Synchronize your restaurant db. Includes perl/tk version of Food app for viewing/editing on unix side!

    Updated 10-Mar-1999
    Keep your workstation and pilot really in sync with SyncTime! Simply sets the pilot time/date to that of your workstation at regular intervals. If you use rdate or NTP to keep your workstation accurate then your pilot will always be accurate too! Updated 10-Mar-1999

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